When Mists Dream, The Brumesmith Listens

Brume (/bro͞om/); noun; mist or fog

Just as those of us with form and mass dream, from time to time, of being shadows or formless mist, so, too, does the swirling mist dream of what it would be like to have a solid form. A clever brumesmith can take the dreams of mist and smoke and give them shape and form.

Brumeries are compromised of mixed gauges of jewelry wire, beads, found objects, and other shapes the mist dreams of being.  Due to their somewhat ephemeral nature, they can be deceptively delicate.  No two will ever be alike, for after all, no dreams ever are.

* * * * * * * *

Managed to wrangle a few minutes free of the chaos and get a few things into the shop. Still have artwork to get listed, but that’ll wait until tomorrow. My day started off with taking Oisin to the vet for an urgent care appointment first thing, which burned a lot of my available spoons for the day. Now, dinner…

A Pause In Running Around To Update

A dark antique half-circle table on which a autumnal still life scene with pumpkins, shelf mushrooms, thin branches, and a spray of peacock feathers, behind which is draped a sheet of rustic-woven undyed linen fabric hanging on the wall.
Looks suspiciously like a photography backdrop, doesn’t it?

I thought about feeling guilty about falling off the planet for a few weeks, but, to be honest, with the state of the country, I decided that I’m not going to. It’s a LOT and I’m giving myself slack for, understandably, not coping well with my country deciding that I’m no longer a full human being in my own right. Got my feet back under me now, though, and doing as well as I can. Hope y’all are, too.

I haven’t been completely laid out, though. I’ve got the legal paperwork for the business set up, my late father’s vehicles are all sold, and the new kittens will be done with their medication tonight, and clear to start integrating into the household once and for all.

Oh, yeah, we adopted a pair of kittens from a local animal shelter a couple of weeks ago.

Two black kittens cuddled up face-to-face. One has his paw thrown over the other's neck, while the other has his face snuggled under his brother's chin.
How can I be expected to work under these conditions?!?

They’re brothers, originally named Maverick and Rooster, who have been renamed Bodach and Púca, respectively. They’re about 11 weeks old, now, but were 8 when we adopted them. There was a little drama at first, as there was a small possibility that they might have been exposed to FPLV, but after some checking, it was determined that they couldn’t have been, however they *did* turn out to have some parasites, and had to be put back in quarantine and medicated. We’d been planning to just treat all the household cats, and integrating them into the house sooner, but then poor Oisín had a really dangerous reaction to the medication, so we had to do it the hard way. He’s fine, now, but it was a bad night that involved emergency vet calls, and watching over him until dawn. Hopefully we’re now at the end of our Adventures in Prehistoric Epidemiology, though, and things will continue to settle down. It’s hard keeping several determined cats away from each other when they don’t want to be.

Oisín gave us all a big surprise and has turned out to be World’s #1 Best Dad Cat! We figured he’d get along with the kittens, but no one expected him to decide that they are his kittens and he’s going to Dad all over the place. He figured out how to invent little cat games they can play with each other through the screen, and worries SO MUCH if they so much as squeak. It’s adorable.

Sadly, a lot of this has meant that I’ve been so busy trying to deal with the extra workload of keeping the house sanitized, constant laundry, running back and forth to pet stores for more supplies, and also having to go up to NH to deal with the vehicle sales, that until this week I’ve had very little time or spoons to do anything else. I have been able to spend the last couple of days getting the studio cleaned up again, though, and getting back on course. Himself put a shelf up on the wall for me so that I can get a space cleared out and set up to be a dedicated photography space, which I got done earlier today. (That would be the photo at the top. Isn’t it pretty?)

There’s even a couple of pieces that I’ve got listed and waiting to be published within the next couple of days! It’s amazing how much easier it is to do things when you have the right tools!

Now it’s time to get back to it, though. Lots of art to photograph…

The Littlest Watcher

Recently we went to a local botanical garden with some friends, which was glorious. I took a million photos of plants and flowers for references, and maaaay have gotten an idea for a new Watcher painting from them. Finished it a week or so ago, and am in the process of getting it matted and ready for sale as soon as I can get the store up and running.

I also gave in to the inevitable and subscribed to Adobe for Photoshop/Fresco for digital art. The other programs I looked at all, while less expensive, all had interface issues that were going to bug the crap out of me in the long run and also have the small problem that pretty much every print site is geared for Photoshop’s formatting options. Maybe someday, when I get better at digital artwork, I’ll switch to something else, but for now here we are. C’est la vie, I guess.

The Saga Continues…

Who’d have thought that trying to find a CPA to work with, at very least long enough to get my tax registration stuff sorted out, if not longer, would turn into a several month long saga? Utterly ridiculous. After having to prod the local Chamber of Commerce to reply to my email for local recs for attorneys and accountants, and then failing to get any of the attorneys suggested to respond, the accounting firms turned out to have similar issues. So, I contacted the local small business associations, and their recs were no better about responding. Finally turned to FB yesterday, and got a rec from a friend that has potential.

Cross your fingers and light a candle for good luck for me. I’m passed the point of tired of fighting with yet another thing that should have been pretty straightforward but is, instead, taking exponentially longer than it ever should have to take care of.

Someday I’ll get to be able to finish getting the store set up…

Greetings and Salivations!

An drawing in black ink on brown paper, showing several strange little creatures carrying boxes and lamps and things, as if it's Moving Day.

Welcome to my new home on the Internet! Please excuse the mess, as I’m getting the studio moved from it’s old home at The River’s Wayward Daughter and to this, it’s new official one! That’s right, I’m all official and shit now. Soon, all the monsters and oddities will be here and settled in, and there will be a Real Store for my art, and it’s gonna be great.

New Name, Who Dis?

After much ado, the paperwork has been submitted and accepted, and as of roughly noon yesterday, May 24, Tricksters Road Studio is now a Really Real Thing! As mentioned previously, I’ll be moving everything over to the new site in the coming weeks, getting my Ko-Fi and Patreon pages, etc. updated accordingly, and…..

Setting up my own actual shop on my own actual site.


So yeah, that’s that. It’s probably going to take a little bit, since I have to do everything manually, but I’m am SO EXCITED to finally be able to get this all set up official-like. Sorry about the chaos, but well, there’s a reason the studio is named what it is. 😀

Seriously, I am ecstatic. This has been something I’ve been trying to make work for so long, and y’all are a huge factor in my finally being able to get here. I genuinely couldn’t pull this off without the support you’ve all given me over the years, and I so very much appreciate it.

Let’s Just Focus On The Flying Toads, Shall We?

It started off as a normal, if deeply irritating, dream of dealing with petty middle-school grade Drama, and ended with me hysterically shaking my limp body, begging it to let me back in and wake up, and then being awake while I woke up, hyperventilating and needing to actually poke myself to make sure I was Really Awake This Time, FFS.

I think I’m just going to work on remembering the bit with the gorgeous flock of grey and burgundy tree toads taking flight, even if I’m somewhat vexed that I wasn’t able to get my phone out in time to take a photo of them…

Today was a Weird Day.

Still thinking I might need to paint the toads, though. They really were gorgeous.

An Assortment Of Inks

I started working on a new Smol Monster/Watcher painting this week, and came to the point in the process where I have to start thinking about whether I’m going to use watercolor pencils or paint, whether I’m going to outline in black or brown ink, or something else. I decided that I wanted to do a nice sepia outline, but realized that many of the details on this piece are particularly small and I don’t have a Micron pen in size 005 (extremely fine point). So, off to the craft store I hied myself to see if I could find one, or if I would have to order one.

I, um, came back with rather more than a single pen.


In my defense, the india ink and dip pens were *right there* and I’ve wanted to use them again for a while, and my old ink was drying out and well, then I needed cleaning solution, and something to use for an inkwell until I can get a real one, and then I needed storage for all of this, and….

I can’t be trusted around art supplies.

To Name A Thing Is To Give It Shape And Form

*drafts post*

*things explode*

*deletes and redrafts post*

*things explode again*

*grumbles, deletes posts, and redrafts it again*

*things explode. again.*

sounds of hysterical cackling

Quick, Melissa! Write a quick summary and get it posted before things explode again!

The Reader’s Digest Condensed version: It’s been nearly a year since Dad died and everything went to hell and required a restructure of well, close to half of my life. Also, some of my health issues have gotten worse, requiring some life changes to what I can and can’t do. What does this mean? This means that I’ve reached a point where I’m going to make a few minor adjustments, and one big change.

The big change is that the name and associated web address stuff is going to be changing. Why is that? Well, for a variety of reasons, really. I’m giving up on ever doing formal travel blogging (like I’d originally been planning to back when I settled on this name back in 2019), and that was originally what the name was associated with. Between ongoing pandemic, general life, and some medical reasons, it’s just not something I can pursue anymore and, to be totally honest, given everything in the last few years, it’s not something I even *want* to pursue anymore. I could try and keep wrangling it as is, but the reality is that it’s developed a lot of excess baggage for me, and it’s messing with my head.

Also, because I’m formally shifting focus to general writing (may not be travel blogging anymore, but I’m sure gonna keep writing apocryphal folklore and other little story bits), mixed media and digital art, and other random little artish projects, I’m also working on getting an official business license and registration! Which means, I need to actually name, well, my official business.

I’ve been poking at it for months now (okay, honestly, I’ve been trying on studio names like they were ballgowns for years), and nothing’s really been Just Right. They’ve been okay, but not…


Until recently, when I woke up in the middle of the night and just *knew*. I tried it out, wrote it on things, talked about it to the cat, and generally just quietly lived with it for a bit, just to make sure. Still pretty damned sure that it’s Right.

Still got some logistic issues to sort out, but in the next few months I’m going to be hitting the Reset Button and rebranding over to the new name and address (to be announced once I’ve got the paperwork in order for it). So yeah.