Well, Here We Are…

Opening posts are about as painful to write as the About Me page is. I don’t know you yet. You don’t know me yet. We’re all new here, and none of us have an idea what’s going on, where we’re going, or why that handbasket is looking awfully smug over there in the corner.

(Can a handbasket look smug? I mean, it doesn’t have a face, but just look at it. It’s rather pleased with itself, and I can’t decide if we should be worried or not. I wonder if it has cookies…)

Where was I?

Oh!  Right.  Opening posts. The worst.  How about we all agree that I wrote something cool and witty here, and just get on with the rest of, well, whatever this is.

Seriously, I think the handbasket has cookies.  We should go look.  I mean, one should never turn down free cookies, even if they do come from a smug-looking handbasket.  Care to join me?