Crossroads Days and Roadway Oracles

I got up yesterday morning and was feeling *really* squirrelly.  I haven’t gone for a good, solid drive since sometime last spring, and I’ve been going a bit stir-crazy.  I’m a routewitch, and I need to be out on the roads, looking for mysteries and oddities and forgotten deities and all the interesting things that the Road leads me to, or I start to unravel a bit.

I was trying to decide if I wanted to go out or not (I miss the days when traveling was an easy decision, don’t you?), when I was struck with the intense conviction that it was a Crossroads Day and yeah, I needed to go out and find what the Road wanted me to see.  So, I got dressed, grabbed a Luna bar for lunch on the go (lemon are my favorites), and headed out.

What’s a Crossroad Day?  Hmm.  How do I describe them…..

A regular driving day is just that.  I’m bored, or I’ve got something on the itinerary for a certain day or that’s been waiting for a specific weather pattern, or whatnot, and while usually pleasant, they’re not anything hugely significant most of the time.

A Crossroads Day, however, is More.  Crossroads Days are when I get the feeling that there is Something I need to see or encounter, and I am restless and on edge and Need To Be On The Road because something is calling and I need to find it, and I have to go out.

Crossroads have gotten a bad rep in folklore over the years;  demons, sketchy deals with devils, that sort of thing.  They are liminal places, thresholds where two roads exist and cease to exist simultaneously for a moment, and so they are places where stories and myths are drawn to, like moths to flame.  They are places where answers are looked for, and found.

Crossroads Days feel like being at the crossroads, waiting to see what’s going to show up and what changes may come with it.

These are the days when I find things like the Juniper Saints, or Satan’s Kingdom, or find myself in a small, hole-in-the-wall bookstore where one of my favorite authors happens to be doing a book-signing that day (that’s how I came to have a signed copy of Charles De Lint’s “Someplace To Be Flying”), or I see or experience something that causes me to have an important realization about something I hadn’t been able to get clear on until then.   That sort of thing.

I like days like that.  Those are the days that remind me that life is more interesting than we remember and to pay attention.

Got a couple more answers on what the Oracle of Roads is (or rather, is not) while I was out there, too.  I was wrong about what the Oracle was, so I guess I have to start thinking of myself as the Oracle now.  Also need to figure out how the hell that’s supposed to work, seeing as reading the Road and interpreting what it’s saying generally requires me to be, well, behind the wheel and out there.  Guess that’s my next question for it, since it’s sort of useless to be an Oracle if one can’t communicate with the folks who have questions….