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Steps Forward, Steps Back…

Just wanted to make a quick post, since I’ve been radio silent for a few weeks.

After having to take a few days off for health reasons (short version, I hemorrhaged a blood vessel in my left eye a few years ago that flares up sometimes), I drafted almost an entire new installment of “Auntie Yaga’s Home For Wayward Monsters”, got 90% or so through it, decided it was exactly nothing like what I wanted to write, and scrapped all but maybe two paragraphs.  Started over, but I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be, as a result. So that’s where I’m at with that.

It’s been a rough month.  Dad ended up back in the hospital and we nearly lost him a couple weeks ago.  He’s fine now, and hasn’t had an episode since, but it wrecked me pretty badly for a bit.  The good news, though, treatment is going well, overall, so hooray for small mercies.  March is historically a hard month for me, as it’s both the month that my mom was born in, and also the month that she died is, two weeks apart, which basically makes me want to just hibernate until April on a good year, so that scare REALLY did a number on my ability to function for a bit.

It’s spring, finally, and good gods, not a moment too soon!   The spring peepers have started screaming their little froggy mating songs in the wetland out in the woods behind the house, and soon it’ll be warm enough to sit on the screened porch and work out in the fresh air.  It’s looking like I should be able to get vaccinated shortly, which will at very least free up a few extra brain cells again, even if it’ll still be a while before I can consider any kind of travel.  (If nothing else, it gives me a timeline on when I’ll be able to visit my dad, even if I can’t resume any other travel-related activities for a while yet.)

So, yeah, just wanted to drop a quick update.  Hope y’all are doing okay.  

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