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The Best Laid Plans

I swear, the Universe is mocking me this week. My original plan looked sort of like this:

Monday: Take advantage of rainy day and catch up on neglected housework.

Tuesday: Collect mail from Other House, aka my late father’s house, and maybe attempt to pull another bag of trash out of it. (My late step-mother’s Alzheimer’s made her start hoarding before she died, and Dad never went back upstairs to clean it out. Lucky me.)

Wednesday: Head out on the road in search of antique shops, dodgy side roads, and maybe a small god or two.

Thursday: Work on cataloging project, sort through photos to start building a database to work with for the winter when I can’t get on the road due to snow.

Friday: Housework and general relaxation. Maybe attempt an overdue foray into the Blackwater Triangle while the weather’s nice.

*insert image of madly cackling imps here*

What it ended up looking like:

Monday: Housework, made a nice stew, did some light baking because there’s nothing better when it’s cold and rainy than a bowl of hot stew and fresh, warm cider bread.

Tuesday: The lunch meat I’d casually tossed into my breakfast sandwich on Monday turned out to have gone off. Hooray for food poisoning! Leaving the house, not an option.

Today: Recovering from food poisoning. Mostly napping and watching The Muppet Show with the cats. All ground gained on catching up on housework has been lost. No idea if I’ll be able to get to the Other House this week at all.

Tomorrow and Friday: Probably catching back up on housework again.

At least I managed to cobble together something loosely resembling a Postcard for my Patreon Patrons, which is something, I guess.

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