Adjusting Crowd Support Options Is A Pain In The Rear.


In light of Patreon’s ongoing issues, I’m working on transitioning toward Ko-fi for crowd support until I can get this site to support direct support. In addition to their latest debacle, in which they’re flirting with the idea of supporting N/F/Ts, I’m honestly tired of the fact that the words “their latest debacle” is a thing that I have to write. I’d rather spend my time working on creating something, and less time having to run damage control against their bad business decisions.

Not shutting down my Patreon yet, but will definitely be working with Ko-fi more.On that vein, I’ve upgraded so that it can accept ongoing monthly donations as well as one-time donations, and am considering whether or not to set up membership tiers. We’ll see. In the meantime, over the next little while I’ll be working on getting that gussied up a bit. It’s honestly a nicer, more functional site, in general, and they’ve also actively stated that they have no intention of supporting N/F/Ts, which makes me super happy.