Hello Monday, It’s You Again.

Nothing like starting off the day having to have the “this is why we don’t scarf our food down so fast” discussion with the cat before I could even finish making my own breakfast. Or drink my coffee. Yup. It’s Monday. Here’s hoping it’s just getting it’s shenanigans out of the way early.

Spent the weekend collecting some of the furniture from the Other House (aka, my late father’s house) and getting them set up in my house, making plans to repaint the table and chairs to a color that matches my color scheme. It’s currently a perfect fine sky blue, but it will clash horribly with my terra cotta and sage kitchen, and grey stone tile floor. (I make my house sound nicer than it is…it’s a 1960 ranch-style with a badly done half-remodeled kitchen that the previous owners left it with. We haven’t had the money to actually do more than repaint it from the horrible yellow, white, and grey that it was. I’m pretty sure that the cabinet doors were found on the side of the road with a “free” sign on them, after they’d been out in the rain for a couple of days, and at least one counter top isn’t actually attached to the cabinet it’s on top of.) Not sure what color I’m going to repaint the table set to, but I’ve at least got the sandpaper and dust mask to get the first stage started while I decide.

Getting ready to spend the afternoon making turkey stock while I try and wrangle a few words of story out of my brainmeats. Or at very least a vignette that’s been stuck in my head for months. There’s a non-zero chance I may be able to pick up a drawing pen at some point today, but I’m not counting on it. The executive dysfunction is still not letting me do artwork for some reason, and I’m not going to force it. I’ll be able to draw when I can, and that’s just how this is going to go, I guess.

Before that, though, I need to run out to pick up the Nintendo Switch I ordered last week, as the notice that it’s come in just showed up in my email while I’ve been typing. Hooray for a good thing!