This Quarantine Life


Last week, Himself’s work apprentice, who’s been pretending that vaccines are magical force fields that protect you from any and all possible infection, no matter how risky your behavior, unsurprisingly turned up positive for Covid. Which of course means that anyone working with this jackhole was exposed, Himself being the one working with him the most, because apprentice, and stuck in quarantine until they could get tested.

*throws glitter*

Which also means that those who live with the quarantined are more or less stuck in quarantine as well, because we ALSO are at risk, and also get to be the person who handles the entire load of day to day household operations while the other person is confined to two rooms of the house.

*throws more glitter*

This is not only boring as hell, it’s also stressful as fuck.

On the plus side, playing hours of Cozy Grove has started to chip away at the executive dysfunction that’s been preventing me from making any of my own art for months? Sadly, the majority of my art supplies are on the other side of the quarantine partition of the house, which means I’m cut off from them until we can reintegrate house, but at least things are coming back online in my head again.

The enforced downtime has also had the side effect of helping me resolve a situation that’s been bothering me for a while…the problem of Patreon, Ko-fi, and more pressure to produce specific things on a regular schedule than I can realistically deliver. Especially with all of the extra work involved with dealing with my father’s estate that are about to get even worse with winter’s onset. It’s probably going to shoot me in the foot, at least temporarily, but in the long run it’ll be better for my overall health and functionality, which is more important to me than a short-term set back.

Never a dull moment…