Why Are Bodies?!?

In this week’s lesson, our heroine is reminded that her tendons are terrible (holdover from the sheer amount of corticosteroids I needed to remain alive as the Victorian-esque sickly child I was) by playing too many video games. Guess who spent the last several days in a wrist brace ’cause she’s a dumbass!

It’s a damned good thing I’m cute, because sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s all I’ve got going for me.

On the other hand, the enforced downtime gave me some good, solid time to stare at the walls and think about all the art things I wasn’t able to work on and, surprisingly, there was a lot of them. Like, holy shit a lot. Also a fascination with creepy bird figurines and strange things found in the woods, so that’s going to be interesting.

Now I need to carve out the time to work on them, because after nearly 6 months of near-total loss of creativity, there is a BUMPER crop of ideas growing up from the mud in my brain, and they need to come out into the tangible world. I need them to exist in the tangible world, and I suspect others do, too.

On which note, it’s time to go find a blade sharp enough to slice through time, clear a space on the workbench, and see about harvesting what the part of me that spawned the Poppet Witch and her creepdorable little poppets has been growing in her strange little garden.