Clay Tablets and Silk Ribbons: A Returning

Way back, in what would turn out to be the last days of the Before Times, I had made Some Decisions about how I wanted to make my living in this world. The Universe laughed and pretty much all of those decisions got stuck on a shelf to collect dust, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I made them and I did not forget about them. They’ve still been there, waiting for the day when the plague subsided and things returned to normal, and I could get back on track.

Annoyingly, the plague hasn’t really subsided, and it looks like my fellow humans have decided that we should all go back and live in the Dark Ages, plagues and all, because gods know we can’t have nice things, but I suppose the good thing about having spent a lifetime studying medieval history is that I guess I have a decent concept of how to navigate the kind of world that my ancestors tried so damned hard to make sure I didn’t have to live in. Things are apparently about as “normal” as they’re going to get, and anyway, I can’t put my life on hold any more, and thus some things have been taken down off the shelf and put back on the table.

Like, no really, on the actual table. I spent the day digging through boxes that never got unpacked after the studio move last June locating tools and wire, silk ribbons and beads, etc. There’s a tray of clay disks curing on a shelf that should be ready for sanding and painting by Monday.

It’s nice to be working on tangible things again.