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Screaming From Winter’s Heart

There are people that like winter. I don’t understand them, but I will cheerfully give them all of mine if they will trade it me their autumn, that I may have eternal October. This seems like a perfectly reasonable solution to me, and I need the Universe to get on board with this plan.

SAD is in full swing and, with the mountain of shit that the last year has thrown at me, is going as well as one might expect. So very glad that I decided to lay out the money for the Nintendo Switch, as a medical expense, because as I anticipated, Animal Crossing is basically holding my sanity together. Tragically, it doesn’t do crap to help override the executive dysfunction problems, but at least I’m not standing in the middle of the swamp screaming for eternity, so I’ll take the wins where I can get them.

Courtesy the latest N/F/T debacles, I had to change my online store host *again*. While Big Cartel isn’t openly pro-N/F/T, they not only “have no stance” (I asked them) which is a problem, given the rampant art theft involved, too many of their management team and whatnot are very definitely pro, and thus I shut down my account. Which is sad, because otherwise they’re a decent organization, but yeah, that one’s still a dealbreaker for me.

On the upside, Ko-fi has a basic Shop feature now, so until I can afford to permanently upgrade and maintain this hellsite to install WooCommerce, that’s where I’ll be putting things up for sale when I have them. I’ve got a couple of other pieces to relist over there, as well, and if I can get out of my own way long enough, will have some other items soonish.

Winter can’t last forever and, though the reason why sucks, I no longer have to be home by 7 o’clock every night and can do longer trips now, which means that once the weather warms up, there’s a lot of things I’ve been putting off for years that I can take off the shelf and put back on the table again. Might even start looking at getting myself a small camper one of these days…

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