The Littlest Watcher

Recently we went to a local botanical garden with some friends, which was glorious. I took a million photos of plants and flowers for references, and maaaay have gotten an idea for a new Watcher painting from them. Finished it a week or so ago, and am in the process of getting it matted and ready for sale as soon as I can get the store up and running.

I also gave in to the inevitable and subscribed to Adobe for Photoshop/Fresco for digital art. The other programs I looked at all, while less expensive, all had interface issues that were going to bug the crap out of me in the long run and also have the small problem that pretty much every print site is geared for Photoshop’s formatting options. Maybe someday, when I get better at digital artwork, I’ll switch to something else, but for now here we are. C’est la vie, I guess.

The Saga Continues…

Who’d have thought that trying to find a CPA to work with, at very least long enough to get my tax registration stuff sorted out, if not longer, would turn into a several month long saga? Utterly ridiculous. After having to prod the local Chamber of Commerce to reply to my email for local recs for attorneys and accountants, and then failing to get any of the attorneys suggested to respond, the accounting firms turned out to have similar issues. So, I contacted the local small business associations, and their recs were no better about responding. Finally turned to FB yesterday, and got a rec from a friend that has potential.

Cross your fingers and light a candle for good luck for me. I’m passed the point of tired of fighting with yet another thing that should have been pretty straightforward but is, instead, taking exponentially longer than it ever should have to take care of.

Someday I’ll get to be able to finish getting the store set up…