A Pause In Running Around To Update

A dark antique half-circle table on which a autumnal still life scene with pumpkins, shelf mushrooms, thin branches, and a spray of peacock feathers, behind which is draped a sheet of rustic-woven undyed linen fabric hanging on the wall.
Looks suspiciously like a photography backdrop, doesn’t it?

I thought about feeling guilty about falling off the planet for a few weeks, but, to be honest, with the state of the country, I decided that I’m not going to. It’s a LOT and I’m giving myself slack for, understandably, not coping well with my country deciding that I’m no longer a full human being in my own right. Got my feet back under me now, though, and doing as well as I can. Hope y’all are, too.

I haven’t been completely laid out, though. I’ve got the legal paperwork for the business set up, my late father’s vehicles are all sold, and the new kittens will be done with their medication tonight, and clear to start integrating into the household once and for all.

Oh, yeah, we adopted a pair of kittens from a local animal shelter a couple of weeks ago.

Two black kittens cuddled up face-to-face. One has his paw thrown over the other's neck, while the other has his face snuggled under his brother's chin.
How can I be expected to work under these conditions?!?

They’re brothers, originally named Maverick and Rooster, who have been renamed Bodach and Púca, respectively. They’re about 11 weeks old, now, but were 8 when we adopted them. There was a little drama at first, as there was a small possibility that they might have been exposed to FPLV, but after some checking, it was determined that they couldn’t have been, however they *did* turn out to have some parasites, and had to be put back in quarantine and medicated. We’d been planning to just treat all the household cats, and integrating them into the house sooner, but then poor Oisín had a really dangerous reaction to the medication, so we had to do it the hard way. He’s fine, now, but it was a bad night that involved emergency vet calls, and watching over him until dawn. Hopefully we’re now at the end of our Adventures in Prehistoric Epidemiology, though, and things will continue to settle down. It’s hard keeping several determined cats away from each other when they don’t want to be.

Oisín gave us all a big surprise and has turned out to be World’s #1 Best Dad Cat! We figured he’d get along with the kittens, but no one expected him to decide that they are his kittens and he’s going to Dad all over the place. He figured out how to invent little cat games they can play with each other through the screen, and worries SO MUCH if they so much as squeak. It’s adorable.

Sadly, a lot of this has meant that I’ve been so busy trying to deal with the extra workload of keeping the house sanitized, constant laundry, running back and forth to pet stores for more supplies, and also having to go up to NH to deal with the vehicle sales, that until this week I’ve had very little time or spoons to do anything else. I have been able to spend the last couple of days getting the studio cleaned up again, though, and getting back on course. Himself put a shelf up on the wall for me so that I can get a space cleared out and set up to be a dedicated photography space, which I got done earlier today. (That would be the photo at the top. Isn’t it pretty?)

There’s even a couple of pieces that I’ve got listed and waiting to be published within the next couple of days! It’s amazing how much easier it is to do things when you have the right tools!

Now it’s time to get back to it, though. Lots of art to photograph…