When Mists Dream, The Brumesmith Listens

Brume (/bro͞om/); noun; mist or fog

Just as those of us with form and mass dream, from time to time, of being shadows or formless mist, so, too, does the swirling mist dream of what it would be like to have a solid form. A clever brumesmith can take the dreams of mist and smoke and give them shape and form.

Brumeries are compromised of mixed gauges of jewelry wire, beads, found objects, and other shapes the mist dreams of being.  Due to their somewhat ephemeral nature, they can be deceptively delicate.  No two will ever be alike, for after all, no dreams ever are.

* * * * * * * *

Managed to wrangle a few minutes free of the chaos and get a few things into the shop. Still have artwork to get listed, but that’ll wait until tomorrow. My day started off with taking Oisin to the vet for an urgent care appointment first thing, which burned a lot of my available spoons for the day. Now, dinner…