Release The Kittens!

Gods help us all, the Goblin Boys were finally given a clean bill of health from the vet earlier this week, and are now free to roam about the house during the day. They’re sweet, and adorable, and Oisín loves them, and wow they are A Lot. They’re also still not allowed to have free run without supervision, due to the things that we can’t kitten-proof and their total lack of good manners or sense, which means I still don’t really have access to my studio until we can get them settled fully (there is absolutely no way to even remotely kitten proof it…Oisín himself isn’t allowed in here unattended). Trying to work from the kitchen table is not ideal, and there’s a lot that I just can’t do at all, so I’m trying to do what I can in between kitten-related disasters. Slow going, to say the least.

In the meantime, it’s giving me a chance to focus on figuring out how to make a couple of my side projects go, like the bantam izbushka farm (it has a name! and lore! and several newsletter-type articles already sketched out!), which may, in turn, help me get the larger plans for “Auntie Yaga’s Home For Wayward Monsters” worked out. There are physical items that I need to make for them before I can fully launch, but I can do a lot of the prep while we’re working on the Goblin Boys training. These projects may end up requiring a website format change in order to give them their own sections, or they may end up getting their own Ko-fi pages instead. Still working on figuring out that part.

Also working on a small Hallows ghost story as I can, which my Ko-fi and Patreon subscribers got to read a snippet of. Like everything else, it’s frustratingly slow going, but it is going, at least, which is an improvement over a couple of weeks ago, so I’m taking the win.

They’re so cute when they’re not dismantling the house

(As ever, if you want to help support your mostly-friendly wordwitch and help keep the little monsters fed, tossing a few coins in the tip jar is always wildly appreciated.)