Paper Stacks Everywhere

I ate’nt dead.

After a massive bout of combined SAD and finally having the weight of the last couple of years removed from my shoulders setting off a massive pain flare for several weeks, the calendar promptly informed me that the tax deadline was bearing down on me, and a letter informed me that I also was a dumbass and missed a sales tax filing deadline for the studio. (Not one of my finer moments, to be honest, but in my defense, the last two years were A LOT and I’m genuinely surprised that that’s the only ball I dropped, given everything that’s happened.) Cue the need to get my ass in gear, deal with two years’ worth of paper filing (the organizational kind, with paper folders) and data entry as fast as humanly possible.

For a solid week, every available surface of the studio has been covered in stacks of papers, file folders, and the shredder has gotten a workout (there’s no need to hang onto things like old payment stubs from my late father’s vehicle insurance, so into the shredder they go!), which I just finished slogging through about half an hour ago. Just in time, too, as the appointment with the household tax preparer is tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I found everything I need. On Tuesday I’ll be calling the State tax folks (Monday’s a holiday) to get the business tax situation sorted out and getting that back on track. I’m not particularly worried. I haven’t had any sales and the tax collection people are nowhere near as scary as people make them out to be, so it should be a straightforward thing. I’m more pissed off at myself for dropping that particular ball, since I damned well know better. Oh well, nothing to do but get it taken care of and make sure it NEVER happens again. I’ve still got a few more small things to take care of, but at this point things are at more or less maintenance levels again.


Good thing, too, because Bodach’s eye started getting squinty last night, again, and he’s got a vet appointment for Tuesday morning, assuming it doesn’t clear up before than. Pray to whatever feline-loving gods there may be that we aren’t gearing up for another round of illness around here, because gods, I am so tired.

Needless to say, I’ve gotten exactly NO work of any other kind done while this mess was going on, and I am itching to get my fingers back to work on making nice things again. At least it’s been nice out while I’ve been eyeball deep in paperwork.

Speaking of Bodach, he’s having a meltdown on the other side of the door because I’ve been out of his sight for too long, so I guess it’s time for me to finish up and go snuggle my poor, unloved kitten before he upsets the other two too much.