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Pumpkin-lights and Will-o-Wisp Dreams

August decided to come in like October this year and the cool nights and crisp breezes are making me think fondly of pumpkin lamps, hot cider, candy corn, and ghost stories. The fact that this year has spent a lot of time smelling like wood smoke is probably also contributing a lot to my longing for autumn.

It’s also making me extremely restless. I find myself scrolling used RV and van listings and camp furniture and wondering (again) how to go about getting all the things I would need to get Tricksters Road *on* the road. Or at very least how to do something similar on a smaller, more local scale. The fact that the Rav4 is reaching That Time of its life, where I have to start thinking about replacing it sooner than later, is part of it, I suppose. When I’d originally got it, I was planning to convert it more for being able to basically live out of it for a couple of days, but the meat suit decided that that option wasn’t an option anymore. Nowadays I’m looking more for something I can use as a mobile studio, while staying in a hotel or B&B. Not as cost effective, but vastly less painful.

I remain adamantly of the opinion that it should be October year-round.

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