Heading On Down The Road

Welp, given that Twitter has not only changed it’s ToS to blatantly state that using the site is permission to have your stuff used in AI training and biometric data collection, but has formally gone Full-Blown Nazi Bar and I have no interest in sipping drinks beside fucking nazis, I’m officially done using the site. I haven’t deactivated my account, because I’m still using it to get invite codes to folks for Bluesky as I get them, but once I’ve rescued everyone I can, I’m putting the chairs up, turning the lights off, and locking the door.

I hate it. I’ve met some amazing folks through Twitter over the last 14 years, people that I talked to nearly every day, and losing that sucks. It sucks as a person whose business is heavily online-based to lose the major platform that let me exist in the weird little liminal niche that I occupy. I hate watching a community that I’ve been a part of for more than a decade be destroyed by other people. I hate what it’s been turned into more.

So sick of shitty people.