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General Questions:

Do you do commissions? No, simply because of who I am as a person.

Is there a way I can buy something from you so that you don’t have to pay any fees? Capitalism is a hellscape, and while I appreciate that folks want to support me and want me to keep more money (and thus buy more cat food), those fees are business expenses and are already accounted for. Trying to skirt around them jeopardizes my ability to use my payment processors, and while I love you for thinking of me, I’m not risking my ability to have a business over at most a couple of dollars.

Better ways to help support me are to donate to my Ko-fi, become a Patron on Patreon, tell other people about me and share links to me, and of course, buy stuff.

Can I get a tattoo done of your art? Yes! There’s one condition and that’s that you have to tell me about it, because I love that shit! Also, tell other people about me when they ask about where you got the artwork from.

Shipping and purchasing policies: My favorite. Okay, not really, but they are a necessary thing, so here we go…

What is your mailing schedule? I try and mail items within 3-5 business days after payment is received and processed, but will absolutely let you know if something comes up to change that.

Why wouldn’t you be able to ship in that time frame? New England winters, illness, life emergencies, mostly. It’s pretty rare, though.

What shipping options do you use? I ship via Post Office exclusively.

What are your shipping rates? At the moment, I charge a flat rate of $10, which includes postage, packaging, etc.

Do you ship outside the United States? Not as a rule, unless someone really, really wants something desperately. Shipping costs for that are extremely expensive and require prior agreement before I will send an invoice, as they can’t be managed via current ecommerce solutions.

What happens if the Post Office loses or damages my package? I do everything I can to make sure a package is secure and in pristine condition before I deliver it to the care of the Post Office. Once it leaves my hands, there’s legitimately nothing I can do about it if they fail at their one job. I am not responsible for anything that happens to it after I’ve handed it off to them.

Why even are taxes? Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilization. I am required by law to collect them, and since I like having a business and being able to feed the cats and not be homeless again, they’re an annoying but inevitable part of life.

Can I get a refund? I would *really* prefer not to have to. Once a piece moves out and on to it’s Forever Home, I’d like it to stay there, happy in its place in the world. However, I’m old enough to understand that this isn’t always going to happen. That being said, refund requests must be made within 15 days of receipt and funds will only be returned once I have received the piece back in the exact condition it left me in. If it comes back damaged, I will not process the refund.

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